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Building Design & Drafting

The RPDesign team provide complete building design and drafting solutions to make any building project easy for you. From detailed plans and documentation for Council, contractors and builders to ensuring all your requirements are successfully incorporated into the completed project, we remove the stress associated with building and create a step by step process throughout.

Our expertise and experience is comprehensive and cover all aspects of

  • Residential housing and unit developments
  • Commercial buildings and fit outs
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Sustainable and eco friendly buildings and designs
  • Aged care and retirement villages
  • Adaptive home living designs
  • We listen to your ideas and turn them into practical, functional and stylish design solutions that coupled with our expertise and creative designs will make you proud of the finished result for years to come.

Planning for Success

Successful completion of any project relies on the initial planning and groundwork.

The Incredible Ideas team understands the many and varied issues that can arise during any development project and we plan a clear strategy to succeed at the outset.

We utilise our detailed industry knowledge, experience and attention to detail to ensure the entire project is completed to the highest standards and within the timeframe and budget.

Incredible Ideas dedicated, professional and experienced team act as your agents throughout the entire project and manage every aspect of the project from construction, consultation, material selection and finishes, to administration of contracts, site meetings, building documents, plans and accurate budgets.

Planning for Success ..... With Incredible Ideas - the end is in the beginning!

Complete Project Services

The project team at Incredible Ideas define the strategy, motivation, potential outcomes and risk factors of a project, and seek development opportunities to address those strategies for implementation.

Our project services cover all aspects of the project and we provide ongoing advice, direction and support during the project with everything from tender negotiation, building contracts and approvals through to construction, material selection and finishes to marketing the development.

And, to further enhance our design capabilities,we have a comprehensive network of building and trades professionals working with us ensuring the best outcome is delivered.

From the outset, our expertise allows us to define and recommend the project worthiness, highlight the options, establish the costs, the funding and the development strategies to ensure a successful outcome.

Concept to Completion

Our team members combine detailed industry knowledge, experience and customer focus with every project to ensure the best result. We provide clear advice on the risks and pitfalls with project development and assist in making informed decisions every step of the way.

Incredible Ideas gather a professional team together to develop the project, ensure viability, provide strategies for implementation, create designs, develop budgets and funding options and co-ordinate the sales and marketing of the project.

From concept to completion, Incredible Ideas are single minded in producing viable, productive and rewarding projects for all involved.

Delivering successful projects - another Incredible Idea!

Commercial Projects

RPDesign will tailor the solutions for any commercial property development.

Our experience and innovative ideas have created solutions for every application - from the large to the small project - alterations and additions to mutli story office structures and public buildings, sheds to schools, shop fit outs to medical facilities, we have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

Talk to as about our commercial projects and project solutions - you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the options that we can develop for you.

  • Building design and drafting
  • Detailed documentation and specifications
  • Consultant integration and coordination
  • Fit outs, usage and workflow designs
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Contract administration

And, with the increased focus on energy efficiency, RPDesign incorporates the latest eco sustainable concepts and standards into all our building designs. Our design solutions incorporate the latest innovations, systems, services and products to achieve optimal results and produce the most energy efficient and sustainable building performance.

Our design team research and recommend world standard technologies to achieve the highest energy efficiency ratings to achieve minimum operating costs, maximum productivity and the greatest comfort for the building occupants.

Another good reason to talk to the RPDesign team about achieving the best eco sustainable results for building within your budget.

Residential Projects

Your home is not only a reflection of your personality, but it is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. The knowledge, industry experience and support offered by our team makes building a new home or renovating an existing one an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Every facet of the process is competently managed for you and we’ll incorporate your ideas with latest industry trends to give you the best result imaginable.

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of building or renovating

  • Building design and drafting services
  • Sustainable and energy efficient solutions
  • Detailed specifications
  • Council negotiation, plans and permits
  • Project budgets and tendering
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Consultant integration and coordination
  • New homes
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Low, medium and high density residential developments
  • Multi level residential developments

Innovation, efficiency, value for money and personal service - talk to the RPDesign team today to take the hassle out of building or renovating.

Aged Care Projects

The RPDesign team specialise in creating designs that are tailored for the specific needs of aged care, independent and assisted living.

Our award winning designs ensures all special needs and requirements of residents, staff and management are met while providing sustainable solutions in every situation.

And, with our significant experience and knowledge RPDesigns have developed unique designs for ‘Aging in Place’ and adaptive living offering safe, convenient and cost effective independent living options.

Our services in the aged care sector covers:

  • Independent or supported living
  • Low, medium and high care facilities
  • Home renovations and adaptive living solutions
  • Aged care hostels and nursing homes
  • Retirement villages
  • Property audits and aged care evaluations
  • Single story or multi level facilities
  • Comfortable, sustainable and friendly environments

Some of our recent aged care projects include:

Park Hall Village - Wodonga
Murray Gardens Estate - Albury
Riverina Gums Estate - Wagga Wagga
Boambee Gardens Estate - Coffs Harbour