Building design and drafting

The Process

Concept Designing

Consideration goes into site location, orientation, surrounding development and other local factors to develop floor plans, elevations and perspectives of the proposed development based off the client brief.


When the concept plans have been approved by the client, we prepare a set of plans for council planning approval along with coordination of any other documents or consultants required.

Construction Organisation

Once there is council planning approval, we review the planning approval conditions and proceed to complete a construction drawing plan set and where required, a detailed specification of works. Within this stage, we also coordinate any other consultants required for the documentation.

Contract Administration

Coordination of tendering the project out to builders and contract agreement between owner and builder. Oversee the contract during the construction phase and coordinate regular meetings to track progress of construction.

Needing a quote?

By providing as much of the information below will help RPD understand the project and it’s requirements:

  • Site address
  • Title or site plan of lot
  • Any existing condition building plans
  • A written/dot point brief of the proposed works
  • If you have a project budget cost
  • Your contact information (full name, residential/postal address, email address, phone number)
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